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Bridal Dresses

The big day has come when you will get to be the centre of attention in front of all your closest family and friends. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress which most likely took countless hours to choose and customize to your exact fit.With so much time and money spent on choosing the perfect wedding dress to wear, it only makes sense to hold on to this precious item for as long as possible. Maybe you want to hand it down to a family member to wear on their big day, or keep it as a memoir of your wedding day. Whatever the case may be, preserving your wedding gown to maintain its shape, fabric and color is no easy task and should be given to a professional wedding gown preservationist like love your dress for optimal results.

Wedding dresses in rich, bold colours and luxurious fabrics usually denoted the bridal family’s wealth and social status, whereas poorer brides tended to wear their best church dress.Today,women mostly have the freedom choose their ideal wedding dress no matter the colour, fabric, shape or style. However the wedding dress is still such an important part of a marriage.

Maybe it is a classic traditional dress or the modern trendiest wedding gown,the wedding dress is always unique and special. With a change in modern lifestyle and trend,brides are breaking the monotony of wedding dress and mix matching new styles to bring out their beauty in a different way.Modern brides are no more limited to red, pink, maroon… rather they breaking the stereotype of choosing light colours like sunset yellow, grey, peach etc.

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